About me

My name is Nicolas Menoury and I am 38 years old.

I have been living in Perpignan for over 12 years. Son of a farmer, I am originally from Montpellier, where I obtained my diplomas in the wine trade. Wine is now my daily life and above all a real passion.

My background

I have been working in the wine industry as a cellar manager, wine merchant or cellar master for nearly 20 years for winegrowers, wine merchants and even in the restaurant business. I have built up my experience with various winegrowers in the Catalan region, in other French regions and also abroad, in Australia in particular, where I discovered another approach to the wine world and wine tourism.

For 8 years now, I have been running tasting workshops to explain all the work involved in wine, how to taste…
Because I didn’t fall into wine when I was a child but during my studies. I was starting from scratch. And I can understand why people think of wine and its world as complex and mysterious. So I wanted, through these workshops, to pass on what I had learned.

Today, through wine tours, I wish to continue to transmit this passion, to share my experiences and to open cellar doors that are usually closed to you, during a day in small groups where everything is included, through the landscapes of the Catalan country!

The world of wine is fascinating! You might as well share it with a glass in your hand, with the local winemakers or in the comfort of your living room!
So… let’s share it!

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